Affric is often thought to be one of the most beautiful Glens in the Highlands of Scotland. Home of the two highest mountains north of Loch Ness, the Affric ground is incorporated as a National Nature Reserve and also is a Special Area of Conservation.
Affric Lodge sits atop a rocky knoll more-or-less surrounded by a loch (lake) which stretches away on both sides of the Lodge for about five miles. Dawn rises as it does and the evening sun sets due west down the very centre of Loch Affric and through the bow window of the Lodge sitting room - that's just as the evening whisky comes out...


  • Lodge

    The Lodge

    During the course of the past five years The Lodge and all of the Estate has been restored.
    Great care has been taken to retain provenance whilst equiping with the usual modern facilities. The Lodge has five principle bedrooms with a further three perfectly comfortable ones as well. Downstairs includes a whisky room, sitting room, dining and reading rooms. Walls of the latter are painted with highland scenes by Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873)   celebrated artist of his day and whose bronze lions grace Trafalgar Square in London to this day.

  • Stable Cottage

    Stable Cottage...

    ...faces south and throughout the year and however chilly the weather might be outside, solar gain warms Stable Cottage and the Greenhouse which attaches it directly.
    It's possible to pick salad and set out lunch all in one space - and all so deliciously fresh. Stable Cottage has 3 suited bedrooms.

  • White Cottage

    White Cottage

    2 suited double bedrooms and east facing and with a V. large TV which is perfect to watch Sky Sports etc... White Cottage lies nearby Black Cottage and is close to Duncans Jetty and to the boat slip.

  • Black Cottage

    Black Cottage...

    ...is extravagantly large for a one bedroom cottage. A lovely 4 poster bed faces due east and from it's depths the view of the Highland dawn maybe represents one of life's better moments...
    Black Cottage includes a laundry, kitchen, workstation (facing south), billard table, artists studio and more...

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